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China will expand offshore oil development oil spill prevent
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Memo:Chinese Ministry of Land, together with the Department of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Administration of Work Safety, Energy Bureau, the Oceanic 6 offshore oil exploration

Chinese Ministry of Land, together with the Department of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Administration of Work Safety, Energy Bureau, the Oceanic 6 offshore oil exploration and development departmentsto carry out the risk of oil spill prevention inspection. Check the object including those engaged in offshore oil exploration and development of the three state-owned oil companies and foreign operators. The inspection will form the final report submitted to the State.
Check starting from October 15 to check focus on the risk of marine oil spill prevention rules formulation andimplementation of the overall field development plan preparation and implementation, production operations, risk managementand prevention facilities integrity, the risk of marine oil spill contingency management, environmental protection, oil field waters,identify problems before implementation of the rectification in seven areas.
The inspection of the national oil company and operator of 100% coverage of all fields should be checked board platform, platform inspection rate of not less than 20%, oil field near 100% completion of the marine environment monitoring.

Inspection covers the Bohai Sea, East China Sea, Eastern South China Sea, western South China Sea offshore oilexploration and development of oil platforms, oil pipelines, floating production, storage devices, terminals and related onshoreoil terminals, tanker and vessels, etc. Inspection Unit and officials from the departments of oil exploration, oil field development,drilling, oil storage and transportation, environmental engineering, marine fisheries, safety supervision, management, maritimeexperts, while monitoring the marine environment organization to carry out oil field personnel with the adjacent sea water,sewage surveillance to monitor the situation.
Of the risks and problems found during the checks, will urge the relevant departments responsible unit immediately for rectification, and rectification in place; may lead to serious consequences for the existence of significant risks the project,according to the law brought department be ordered to stop operations or production and construction; for supervision and inspection found illegal irregularities and unexpected events fouling the marine environment, on-site investigation, in a timely manner according to law.

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