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Joint multi-sectoral development of offshore oil spill pollu
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Memo:Land and Natural Resources in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, State Administration of Work Safety, the National Energy Board
Land and Natural Resources in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, State Administration of Work Safety, the National Energy Board, the State Oceanic Administration joint offshore oilexploration and development oil pollution risk prevention inspection, there may lead to serious consequences for significant riskprojects, drew the department shall be ordered to stop operations or production and construction.

The main targets of this inspection, including in offshore oil exploration and development of the three state-owned oil companies and foreign operations are, and within the scope of the examination related to ships, piers carry out spot checks. Check thefocus on the risk of marine oil spill prevention rules and regulations of the formulation and implementation, including the case ofproduction operations, oilfield waters found in the past, the problem of environmental protection, including implementation of the rectification in seven areas. Examination covers the Bohai Sea, East China Sea, Eastern South China Sea, western South China Sea offshore oil exploration and development of oil platforms, oil pipelines, floating production, storage devices, terminals and related onshore oil terminals, tanker ships, and operations and so on.

The examination is divided into three stages: September 10 - October 14, is the company's comprehensive self-examinationstage. October 15 - November 4, six on-site inspection team will be spot checks on the national industrial companies andoperators to achieve 100% coverage of all fields must log platform inspection, and monitoring of the marine environment near oil fields to be completed 100% . To November 15, the inspection team's report will be submitted to the State Departmentsummary. For the inspection with the words of Land and Resources Minister Xu Shaoshi is also open only to see a doctorprescription, for the examination revealed the hidden dangers and problems, the responsibility of the inspection group tosupervise the rectification unit immediately. Find it difficult to formulate rectification measures for monitoring the implementation of a deadline for correction in place. May lead to serious consequences for the existence of significant risks the project, to remind the competent authorities shall order it to stop operations or production and construction. Found for the supervision and inspection of illegal activities and unexpected events to the marine environment, fouling immediately notify the relevantregulatory authorities conduct on-site sampling and evidence collection, and timely conduct of according to law.
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